Important People of Panama

What follows are brief summaries of people you may encounter in business, political, investment or social contexts. Like all other countries, Panama has its bickering political parties, powerful family interests, and characters and con-artists galore.

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Alemán Zubieta, Alberto - Note: information available to private clients.

Alemán Zubieta, Raúl - Note: information available to private clients.

Alemán, Rogelio - Note: information available to private clients.

Alfanno, Omar - Omar Alfanno is a successful singer and songwriter, having written and recorded hundreds of songs performed by many singers around the world. Alfanno was born and raised in Panama, getting his first guitar at 13, until he failed his first year of education in dental surgery at the University of Panama. After that he moved to Mexico, where he obtained his dental degree while developing his music skills. From Mexico, he ended up in Miami, where he lives today with his family. The 15 July 2012 Panama America has an article on Alfanno's latest music activities.

Alfaro Jovane, Ricardo Joaquin (1882-1971) - Ricardo Alfaro was the 9th president of Panama from January 1931 until June 1932, of the National Liberal Party. Before and after being president, he was active in various negotiations between the Panama and the U.S. with regards to the Panama Canal. In the 1940s and 1950s, he held a variety of positions with the United Nations, from 1959 to 1964 being a judge on the International Court of Justice, after which he retired after a long and distinguished career. A museum and library in his honor is located in downtown Panama City on the west side of Parque Urraca.

Alfaro, Rufina (early 1800s) - Rufina Alfaro, who may or may not have existed, is attributed to have helped launched Panama's road to independence from Spain in 1821. On 10 November 1821, the people of Los Santos rose up against Spanish rule, attacking the local polic barracks with stones and sticks, and successfully capturing the barracks with anyone on either side being killed. Supposedly at the head of the popular revolt was Rufina Alfaro, an attractive woman in her 20s, who used her romance with a soldier to gain information that lead to the revolt. Whether or not she existed, she is a national hero in Panama. Many in Los Santos argue that they are descendents Rufina. An article on the 2012 independence celebrations, Celebrating the call of freedom of Rufina.

Alvarado, Javier (1983-) - Javier Alvarado Diaz is a Panamanian poet born in Ocu. The 19 Feb edition of Siete has an interview with Alvarado about his poetry.

Amador Guerrero, Manual - Manuel Amador Guerrero was the first president of Panama, from February 1904 to October 1908, a member of the Conservative party, and the chief doctor to the Panama Railroad for many years.

Allen, Patricia Miranda (1959-) - Patricia Miranda Allen is an award-winning Panamanian chef, owner of the Cerro Brujo restaurant in Volcan, Chiriqui, which she founded in 1999. In March 2012, she received the World Gourmand Award for her cookbook "NUKWAJA TARE TIKWE (Camp Fire of My Loves)", with recipes based on the traditions of the Ngabe tribe of Panama.

Álvarez, José Alberto - Note: information available to private clients.

Antinori, Marcelo - Marcelo Antinori is a Brazilian economist, who lived for many years in Casco Viejo while working as a representative of the InterAmerican Development Bank in Panama. Now living in the Washington, D.C. On retirement, he started writing fiction. In 2012, Exedra Press published his book, "El Ultimo Vuelo Del Condor" , a work of fiction that uses Casco Viejo as a setting. A June 2012 opinion piece of his in Prensa, on the economic future of Panama and Latin America.

Arango Restrepo, Alfredo Alberto - Alfredo Alberto Arango Restrepo is a Panamanian/Mexican psychologist, a professor at the University of Panama, and a public relations consultant. In 2012, the University of Panama Press published his new book, Psychology of Work.

Arias Olivares, Arnulfo (1969 -) - Arnulfo Arias Olivares is the grandson of Arnulfo Arias Madrid, four-time president of Panama and founder of the Panamenista party. Arnulfo is currently a member of the Panamenista party, in the Mireya Moscoso wing (who was married to his grandfather). Arnulfo does not support the presidential candidacy of the Panamenista party's candidate, Juan Carlos Varela, and has a bad relationship with the party's leadership, but has no plans to leave the party or ally with Martinelli's CD party. The 29 July 2013 edition of La Estrella had an interview with Arnulfo with regards to his views on Panama politics and the Panamenista party.

Arias, Gaby - Gaby Arias is a television producer with Telemetro, and the web site FrenTV. The 23 May 2013 edition of Mujer had an interview about her career, and working together with her husband.

Arias de Galindo, Rosario (1910-) - Rosario Arias de Galindo is a leading journalist and literary figure in Panama. From 1962 until 2010, she led the editorial staff of the Panama America newspaper, and was president of its holding company, EPASA, for many years. In 1928, Panama America had been founded by her father, Harmodio Arias Madrid, who later was the 10th president of Panama from 1932 to 1936. One of her brothers, Gilberto Arias, founded the Critica newspaper in Panama. In 2002, she was recognized for her defense of freedom of expression by the Center for Latin American Journalism. One of her close friends was noted Winston Robles, editorial director and co-founder of La Prensa, another newspaper in Panama, who was a noted defender of democracy and human rights (and forced into exile during the Omar Torrijos military dictatorship). In a 26 April 2012 interview in La Prensa, she stated she felt that the President had insufficient self-control to run the country (this, after a recent series of attacks on the press by the President), and that her former newspaper was decaying in quality as a periodical, partly for being "totally dedicated to defending the govenment" (the paper aligned with the CD party of the President), which she feels is not the role of any newspaper. Her brother, Panamanian diplomat Roberto Arias, was married to noted English prima ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn.

Arias Madrid, Arnulfo (1901-1988) - Arnulfo Arias Madrid was three times president of Panama (1940-1941, 1949-1951, and 11 days in 1968) before being exiled to Miami after being ousted by the military. Educated in the United States, he was a physician by training (while president he created the country's national health system - the CSS, as well as extended the vote to women). In 1931, he led the Community Action patriotic group in the first violent overthrow of a Panamanian government, removing the corrupt regime of president Harmodius Arosemena (1928-1931). Through some clever politics, the Supreme Court made Arnulfo's brother, Harmodius Arias as interim president (replaced one month later by not very-well liked Ricardo Alfaro). Arnulfo Arias was an admirer of Mussolini's form of fascism, basing his Panamenismo on a combination of nationalism and socialism. During World War II, the U.S. government feared that Arias was too sympathetic to the Germans and Japanese. In a part of a 1941 radio speech to the United States that was deleted, Arias implicitly offered to grant lands to these two countries: " ...granting [in Panama] concessions upon its territory to other powerful nations which would have the material force for defending it." In October 1941, he was ousted by the military, though re-elected in 1949 as head of the Panamenista party.

Arias, Roberto "Tito" - Robert Arias was the son of a former president of Panama, whose liberal-leaning family opposed the authoritarian rule of the then president, Ernesto de la Guardia. In April 1959, with his British wife, Dame Margot Fonteyn (a 20th century prima ballerina), he tried to topple the Panamanian government, supposedly with rebels supplied by Cuba's Fidel Castro. Local fishermen in Panama Bay revealed their plans, and Fonteyn was arrested (her husband fleeing). The British ambassador arranged for her to be kicked out of the country. In 1964, Arias won a seat in the National Assembly, and was shot by a former political associate. After therapy, he returned to politics in 1967.

Araúz, Manuel () - Manuel Araúz is a Panamanian singer. Article in the 19 July 2012 issue of Panama America on his transition from romantic songs to rumba. He had a fifth place finish with Latin American Idol in 2008, losing to Margarita Henriquez, also of Panama.

Arosemena Family - The Arosemenas are one of the distinguished families of Panama, five of whom have been President: Pablo Arosemena (1910-1912), Florencio Harmodio Arosemena (1928-1931), Juan Demostenes Arosemena (1936-1939), Domingo Diaz Arosemena (1948-1949, VP from 1932-1936), and Alcibiades Arosemena (1951-1952, VP from 1949-1951). Not a president, Carlos Arosemena was a member of the revoluntionary junta that led Panama out of Colombia in 1903. Most belonged to the National Liberal Party (which became the Patriotic Union Party, which shrunk and eventually became part of the Democratic Change party). The most recent family member to hold high office was Ruben Arosemena Valdes, second Vice President from 2004 to 2009 in the Martin Torrijos administration. The 41st president of Ecuador, Otto Arosemena, was related to the Arosemena's of Panama.

Arosemena, Ascanio (1944-1964) - Ascanio Arosemena is remembered as the "first martyr" of the 9 January 1964 riots started by students protesting the lack of Panama's sovereignty over the Panama Canal. Arosemena was shot by police while trying to rescue an injured protester. January 9th is now a Panamanian holiday, Martyr's Day, remembering those whose deaths led, in part, to Panama obtaining sovereigty over the Panama Canal in 1977.

Arosemena de De la Guardia, Cuchi (Gloria) - Cuchi Arosemena is known in Panama as a master decorator and event planner. She is author of a book of examples of her work, "Cuchi: Sello de elegancia".

Arosemena, Juan Carlos () - Note: information available to private clients.

Arosemena Moreno, Julio (1944-) - Julio Arosemena Moreno is a professor of anthropology at the University of Panama. In 2012, he released a book on Panamanian folklore, Panamanian Folklore Notes.

Arosemena, Justo (1817-1896) - Justo Arosemena was a statesman, writer, lawyer and politician. He dedicated his life to the independence of the Isthmus of Panama from Colombia, one of his more important essays being "The Federal State of Panama", in which he stressed the importance of evolving Panama into an independent country. Regarded as the father of Panamanian nationality. In 1855, he convinced the Colombian Congress to create the Federal State of Panama.

Arosemena, Leopoldo - Note: information available to private clients.

Arosemena, Rafael - Rafael Arosemena as manager of the National Bank of Panama during the last years of the military dictatorship of Noriega. During the 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States, Arosemena flex to Mexico. In absentia, he was tried and convicted for the commission of the crimes of embezzlement, fraudulent embezzlement, embezzlement by appropriation, illicit association to break the law, and corruption of public servants, all to the detriment of the National Bank of Panama. He had eight convictions for fraud in cases involving a total of more than $14 million dollars. He remained in hiding in Mexico for 16 years, returning to Panama in December of 2006, after which the Supreme Court of Panama in 2008 ordered him returned to prison, after a year of house arrest.

Arosemena, Ruben Eloy (1960-) - Ruben Arosemena was the Second Vice President in the Martin Torrijos Administration from 2004 to 2009. A May 2004 U.S. Embassy Panama cable to Washington reviews Ruben's history and experiences.

Aspinwall, William - William Aspinwall, a New York businessman, in 1847 is authorized to transport U.S. mail along the Pacific coasts between Panama and the Oregon territories. In 1848, Aspinwall and associates obtain an agreement from the Colombian government to build thei Panama Railway from the Atlantic port of Colon to the Pacific port of Panama City. A concession is granted for 49 years, with the Colombian government retaining the right to buy the railroad after 20, 30 or 40 years. The Railway had to pay a 3% percent dividend to the Colombian government, but received right to land to build the railway plus an additional 250,000 acres anywhere else in the isthmus. In 1867, concession terms were renecogiated to give Colombia additional benefits.

Grupo ASSA - Board of Directors - Note: information available to private clients.

Asvat family - Note: information available to private clients.

Asvat, Ebrahim - Note: information available to private clients.

Ayala, Osvaldo () - Osvaldo Ayala is a noted Panamanian musician, a master of the accordion, who has been performing for over 40 years. His nickname is the Scorpion of Paritilla. The Panama government, in recognition of his contributions to the musical legacy of Panama, made him a Cultural Ambassador. Two articles from the 14 April 2012 edition of Prensa: Icon of the accordion, and interview with Osvaldo.


Bacal, Sabrina ()- Sabrina Bacal is director of news at television channel TVN2 and on the board of directors of La Prensa newspaper. 06 July 2012 Panama America article on alleged influence peddling on behalf of her husand's business with regards to labor unions.

Bailey, Preston - Preston Bailey is a Panamanian fashion designer living in New York City. In February 2013, he married his long-term boyfriend, Theo Bleckmann.

Balboa, Vasco Nunez de (1475-1519) - Vasco Nunez de Balboa was a Spanish explorer, and in 1513 became the first European to see the Pacific Ocean, when he travelled across the Isthmus of Panama. He previously established the first permanent settlement in the region in 1510, in what is now the Atlantic side of the Darien region of Panama. Sadly, in 1519, one of the more cruel Spanish explorers/governors, Pedro Arias de Avila, had Balboa falsely tried and convicted of treason. Balboa, along with four friends, were beheaded. The Panamanian currency, one of the government's highest honors, and the city's main waterfront avenue, are named after Balboa.

BANAICO - In 1996, Banco Agroindustrial y Commercial (BANAICO) was declared in solvent and taken over by the Banking Superintendent of Panama. The bank had been offering depositors an unsustainably high interest rate, accomplished by a Ponzi scheme that caused the collapse when revealed. In 2004, four bank officials were convicted of fraud and received prison sentences: president Manuel Salvador Morales, general manage Bruno Bemporad, assistant manager Marta Ramos de Mattaden, and account officer Irasema Subia. Not charged was vice-president Mayor Aleman (who was campaign treasurer for President Balladares and whose top aide was the sister of the attorney general), nor was Jose Castrillon Henao, a Colombian drug lord and bank depositor (who received warnings to withdraw his funds before the collapse) who also was a major campaign contributor to President Balladares.

Banco General - Board of Directors - Note: information available to private clients.

Barahona, Karen - Karen Barahona is, as of the year 2012, the vice president of Cerveceria Nacional, the country's largest beer producer, having started working for CN in 2001. Barahona is a graduate of the Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua. The 20 November 2012 edition of Martes Financiero had an interview with Barahona about her career.

Barletta Vallarino, Nicolás Ardito - Nicolás Ardito Barletta Vallarino is a Panamanian economist, and for one year (from October 1984 to September 1985), he was a president of Panama as a member of the PRD party. When government/Noriega critic Hugo Spadafora was found murdered, Barletta pushed for an investigation. This conflicted with the interests of military leaders under Noriega, and Barletta resigned as president of Panama on 27 September 1985. Within four years of his resignation, Noriega was out of power after American military intervention. Barletta continued serving Panama with economic skills in the years that followed. A 26 June 2012 interview in Martes Financiero.

Barría, Aurelio (-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Barrios, Iván ()- Ivan Barrios is a Panamanian rock and pop singer. 06 July 2012 article on his music in Panama America.

Baum, Robert - Robert Baum is the leader and vocalist for the Panamanian rock band, Roba Morena. A 28 July 2012 interview in Panama America about his group's concert for the environment.

Benaim, Abner (1971-) - Abner Benaim is one of Panama's few major filmmakers. After studying and producing in the United States and Israel, he has returned to Panama, where he has the center of his filmmaking operations. In 2012, he released his first feature film, "Chance", a comedy about class divisions set in Panama.

Benedetti, Arianne (1977- ) - Arianne Benedetti is the director of the Panama Film Commission, as well as being a film producer and writer (author of the 2005 book "Mas que Hermano"), with her own production company. The 28 June 2013 edition of Ellas had a brief interview with Arianne.

Benítez, Manuel - Manuel Benítez is a career engineer working for the Panama Canal Authority. In 1986, he graduated with an electromechanical engineering degree from the Technological University of Panama, and started out at the Canal as instrument technician, moving up the ranks of the Authority over the years. In 2004, he was appointed acting Deputy Administrator of the Canal, and in 2012, he was formally appointed Deputy Director of the Panama Canal Authority.

Berguido, Carlos - Carlos Berguido is an insurance law lawyer with KBK Abogados, and as of 2012, is the Executive Director of Apadea, the Panamanian Association of Insurers.

Bern Pitti, Herman - Note: information available to private clients.

Bidlack, Benjamin - In December 1846, the U.S. ambassador in New Granada (today's Colombia and Panama territories), Benjamin Bidlack, signs the Bidlack-Mallarino treaty, with foreign minister Manuel Maria Mallarino, which granted the U.S. unrestricted transit rights across the Panama isthmus, in return for recognizing Colombia's control of Panama. Colombia was motivated to do so, in part, to block British interests in the area. 57 years later, the United States helps Panama secede from Panama. Interestingly, this is the only alliance treaty the U.S. signs in the 1800s.

Bordanea, Rocío - Rocío Bordanea is a Panamanian poet, born in the province of Colon. She is married to songwriter, musician and producer Carlos Iván Zúñiga. The 26 March 2013 edition of Siete had an article about her life and poetry.

Brandon, David Henry (1855-1903) - David Henry Brandon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but emigrated as a young man to Panama, marrying Judith Maduro (1862-1940) in 1879. He was founder and commander of the Firemans Corps of Panama, who tragically died of pneumonia after fighting a huge fire in 1903. One of his innovations was building cisterns that were filled by the high tide waters, to be available for firefighting (when the tides go out in Panama, the waterline is often very far from the high tide mark). His firefighting efforts were honored with a postage stamp in Panama. The Maduro family is linked by marriage to the Delvalle family, the Panama branch of which saw two of its men become presidents of Panama (Max in 1967, Eric in 1984).

Briganty, Charlene - Charlene Briganty is the marketing director of Teatro Amador in Casco Antiguo. The 17 May 2013 edition of La Prensa had an interview with her about the theater and cultural life in Casco Antiguo.

Britton Morrison, Federico (1944-2012) - Federico Britton Morrison was of the leftist guerillas in Panama that sprung up in the 1960s, and had clashes with the National Guard. In the 1970s, he went into exile in Mexico, returning in 1978 to Panama. In 2012, he was the last of the guerilla commanders to die.

Brunette, Moyra - Moyra Brunette is the owner of a six-year-old event production agency, Moyra's Productions, located on Tumba Muerto. For thirty years she has been a choreographer and dance instructor. The 10 May 2013 edition of Ellas had article about starting her own business.

Btesh, Gabriel - Note: information available to private clients.

Btesh, Isaac - Note: information available to private clients.

Btesh, Orit - Orit Btesh is director of the Panamanian book store chain "El Hombre de la Mancha", as well as in 2013 being president of the Panamanian Chamber of Booksellers. The 5 July 2013 edition of Ellas had an interview with her about organizing the Panama International Book Fair.

Buckley, Francisco "Bush" - Francisco "Bush" Buckley is the director of the most successful salsa orchestra in Panama, "Bush and His New Sound", very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The 15 August 2013 edition of La Estrella had an article about a night in his honor at the City of Knowledge held in August 2013.


Candanedo, Rafael - Rafael Candanedo is a journalist and an professor of Spanish linguistics, who has written for Prensa and El Siglo, and is currently president of the Journalists Association. An interview in the 14 April 2013 edition of Prensa, about his views on attacks on journalism by the government in Panama.

Cantú, Rubén - Rubén Cantú was a pioneer of aviation in Panama, and in his \ honor, the airport in Veraguas is named after him. Cantu arrived in Panama in 1949 from Texas, to be a pilot for Aviacion General, S.A. (AGSA), a Panamanian airline formed in 1958 that ceased operations in the early 1960s. Cantú helped form the country's first school for airplane pilots. An article in the 20 July 2013 edition of La Estrella on Cantú's contribution to Panamanian aviation.

Carles de Larrinaga, Mayi - Mayi Carles de Larrinaga is owner of the Panamanian food company, Life Blends, which manufactures 100% natural juices without additives. The 13 September 2012 edition of MUJER had an interview with her.

Carmargo, Edilia - Edilia Carmargo is a professor and philosopher. In 2013, she released a book, "Violencia Dulce", about the social problems of ignoring aging adults, and their decreased level of rights, a form of "violence" against them. The 1 June 2013 edition of La Estrella had an article about her new book.

Carranza, Victor (1936-2013) - Victor Carranza was the "emerald tsar" of Colombia. At his death, his businesses controlled 40% of Colombia's emerald business, with Colombia in total producing 66% of the worlds emeralds. While rumors linked to him to Medellin drug gangs, it was mostly guilt-by-physical-location. A touch businessman in a tough mining industry (much like others on the right, with a paramilitary to defend his interests), he twice survived assasination attempts.

Carrizo, Guadalupe - Guadalupe Carrizo is the owner of the Panamanian construction company, Steel Construction. An article on her career and life in the 11 September 2012 Martes Financiero. She has a degree in civil engineering and an MBA. She apprenticed with her father, who was also in the steel construction busines.

Castillo, Elías (1948-) - Elías Castillo is a veteran politician, a member of the PRD party, and a long-time member of the National Assembly. Previously he had served as Director of the Immigration Agency, Transport minister, starting out in local politics. A 31 January 2013 interview in La Estrella.

Castrillón Henao, Jose - in the 1990s, Castrillón Henao was a Colombian drug lord involved with the 1994 collapse of Banco Agroindustrial y Comercial (BANAICO) in Panama, which had been running a Ponzi scheme with depositors' monies. Castrillión Henao and others were warned about investigations into the Ponzi scheme, and their withdrawing their monies lead to the bank collapse. Castrillón Henao contributed $51,000 to the presidential election of Ernesto Perez Balladares. Henao eventually became a DEA informant and entered the Federal Witness Protection program in the United States, though he was convicted in absentia in Panama to 16 years of jail.

Cedeño, Eneida (1923-2006) - Eneida Cedeño was one of the greatest artists of Panamanian folk music.

Chajin, Annie - Annie Chajin is a fashion designer, along with her sister Farah. Interview about her 2012 presentation in the 26 July edition of Panama America's Mujer. The two sisters have a web site,, in which they present their designs that mix Lebanese and Latin styles. The 07 Aug 2012 edition of Panama America has a review of her new collection.

Cham, Jorge - (1974-) - Jorge Cham is a Panamanian-born scientist, now studying and teaching robotics at the CalTech in Pasadena, California. He is also author of the "PHD" comic that appears in over 50 university newspapers across the United States.

Chandeck, Lucia - Note: information available to private clients.

Chanis Correa, Ricardo - Note: information available to private clients.

Chapman, Philip - Note: information available to private clients.

Charpentier de Castro, Eduardo (1930-) - Eduardo Charpentier de Castro is a Panamanian classical musician. From 1972 to 1988 he was the director of the Symphony Orchestra of Panama. He is still involved with music education at the University of Panama. The 7 June 2013 edition of Ellas had interview with him about his musical life and accomplishments.

Chau, Lucy - Lucy Chau is a Panamanian author and poet of AfroAmerican and Asian descent, two cultures she mixes in her writings. The 25 June 2013 edition of Siete had an COACECESS was managed by president James Sturge, vice president Carlos Mitchell, treasurer Ruben Viquez and secretary Manuel Jimenez.

Conte, Priscilla - Priscilla Conte is the owner of Gato Conté, which imports decorative art objects from around the world for sale into the Panamanian market. The 10 May 2013 edition of Ellas had article about starting her own business.

Copa Airlines - Board of Directors - Note: information available to private clients.

Corporate Board of Directors - Note: information available to private clients.

Cortez, Florentino - Florentino Cortez, living in El Cedro de Macaracas (Los Santos) is one of the few remaining artisans handmaking traditional leather sandals. The 17 September 2012 issue of La Prensa wrote of his shoemaking for the campesinos.

Cucalón, Ricardo - Note: information available to private clients.


Darwiche, Bilal - Bilal Darwiche is head chef and manager of the Beirut Restaurante located in the center of Panama City across from the Marriott Hotel.

De Gracia, Tatiana (-) - Tatiana de Gracia is head of planning and quality control for the Balboa and Cristobal port operations of the Panama Ports Company, while teaching courses in port operations at the Technology University of Panama and the International Maritime University. A 26 June 2012 article about her in Martes Financiero.

de Heras, Esperanza - Esperanza de Heras has for many years been a distributor of beauty products and cosmetics in Panama. In 1991, she started her own business, Agencia de Mercadeo (Agmer). The 10 May 2013 edition of Ellas had article about starting her own business.

De Janon Getman, Tatiana - From August 2011, Tatiana de Janon Getman is the general coordinator of the Panama City and Bay Sanitation Project, a $600 million public works project to clean the waters entering Panama Bay. From 2005 to 2007, she was a staff engineer with PSOMAS, a civil engineering company. From 2003 to 2005, she was a senior civil engineering assistant with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. In 2002, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austion with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

De la Guardia Arrue, Santiago (1829-1862) - Santiago De la Guardia Arrue was governor of the Colombian state of Panama from 1860 to 1862. In 1862, he helps lead a fight against Colombian troops who landed in Colon to attack forces under the control of De la Guardia. He dies in battle on August 19th defending Panama's autonomy against the Colombian troops lead by General Peregrino Santacoloma.

De La Iglesia, Juan Felipe - Juan Felipe de la Iglesia is the Project Manager for the MMG Tower in the Panama East business district. He is an advocate of green technology, including LEED certification for "green" buildings in Panama.

De León, Ana María de - Ana María de De León is owner of Panamanian chocolateria Sebastian, founded in 2008. Article in 6 Aug 2012 Panama America about their specialty, fruit bonbons.

De León, Melissa - Melissa De León is an award winning Panamanian chef. Article about her in the 20 September 2012 MIA ( In 2012, she was a winner of the UN's Women Entrepreneur prize.

De León, Patricia - Patricia De León is a Panamanian who for some years has had a successful acting and modelling career in the United States, a leading actress in the Miami-based television show "Magic City". Article in the 18 November Critica about her life. Also, in November of 2012, she premiered in a new PETA campaign to promote vegetarianism. In 2013, she launched a new shoe collection, "Diosa", from Miami. In 2013, she also posed semi-nude for a poser for the animal rights group PETA, titled: "Come Tus Verduras" (Eat Your Vegetables).

De Maduro, Aida Michelle - Aida de Maduro, in 2012, became the first woman president of the Sindicato de Industriales de Panama (SIP), the union of industrial companies in Panama. The 24 September 2012 edition of Capital interviewed her with regards to competitiveness.

De Ycaza, Ingrid (1970-) - Ingrid de Ycaza is a Panamanian singer, granddaughter of stage actor Aurelio Paredes, living in Nicaragua with her husband and daughter. A 26 June 2012 article about her in Panama America, and a 8 June 2011 article in El Siglo about about her lingerie spread in Soho magazine.

Del Cid, Joseph Pitty - Joseph Pitty Del Cid is a painter and teacher in Rio Sereno (Chiriqui), interested in promoting young artists in the artistic-resource poor province. 30 June 2012 interview in Prensa.

P> Delgado, Priscilla - Priscilla Delgado is a Panamanian publisher, and a former president of the Panama Chamber of Booksellers. In a 7 July 2013 interbiew in Panama America, she expressed criticisms of the growing commercialization of the Panama International Book Fair, which she argues charges too much for local authors to display.

Democratic Change party - Note: information available to private clients.

Denis de Icaza, Amelia (1836-1911) - Amelia Denis de Icaza was first woman in the history of Panamanian literature to write and publish her poems, many of which are characterized as being deeply social and patriotic, especially her poem, "Al Cerro Ancon" which she wrote of her disdain for the creation of the Panama Canal Zone by the Americans (inspired by a walk with her daughter towards Ancon Hill that was stopped by an American soldier protecting the Canal Zone). She lived throughout Central America, including two decades in Guatemala, before spending the last two decades of her life in Managua, where she died.

Diaz, Ana Mae (1966-) - Ana Mae Diaz was the second wide of Guillermo Endara, who was President of Panama from 1989 to 1994 - the two married in 1990. Near the end of Endara's presidency, his popularity plummetted significantly, into the low teens. One scandal was due to Diaz, who was accused of reselling food on the streets of Panama that had been donated by the government of Italy.

Diaz, Temístocles - Temístocles Diaz is a doctor, and founder, now dissident, member of the Molirena party. In a 12 May 2013 interview in Prensa, he labelled as traitors members of the Molirena party that agreed to an alliance with Martinelli's CD party, analogizing their corruption to cancer.

Doens, Mitchell (1946-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Domingo de Obaldia Gallegos, Jose - Jose Domingo de Obaldia was the second president of Panama from October 1908 to March 1910, being Amador's vice president, though a member of the Liberal party. He was the last governor of Panama province before Panama seceded from Colombia. One act of his is to create the National Secret Police.

Domínguez Álvarez, Antonio - Antonio Domínguez Álvarez became Inspector General of the Panama Canal Authority in 2012. He is a graduate of American schools (BS in engineering from Norte Dame, MS in engineering management from Northwestern, and MBA from Kellogg Graduate School. He was a director of the Canal Authority from 2002 to 2010, presiding over the Finance and Audting committees. In September 2012, he was nominated to the IG position.

Domínguez Caballero, Diego (1915-2011) - Diego Domínguez Caballero was a Panamanian philosopher, helping to create the philosophy department at the new University of Panama in 1936. In 1952, he help create the Panamanian Society of Philosophy. The 8 June 2013 edition of had a brief history of his life, written by fellow philosophy professor Abdiel Rodríguez Reyes.

Domínguez Cubilla, Edwin (1983-) - Edwin Domínguez Cubilla is a Panamanian now living in Brazil, where he is director of Global Beauties, which does event planning and management for beauty pageants around the world. He started his career at the Panama Canal, but being adventurous, took a chance and moved to Brazil to become involved in the beauty pageant business. The 19 May 2013 edition of El Siglo has an article about his career, and how much he misses Panama.

Dugald Bryan, William L. - William Dugald is a Panamanian singer better known as "Willie Panama", who currently works and lives mostly in the United States. The 8 July 2012 edition of Siete/PanamaAmerica interviewed him about his current activities.

Dunn, Errol (1944-) - Error Dunn is a Panamanian artist who celebrates the Afro-Panamanian culture, following in the footsteps of his father, Jorge (George) Dunn (1924-2007), himself a noted Panamanian artist.


Echeverría Travieso, Mario - Mario Echeverría Travieso is a Cuban-born singer, now living in Panama, using Mayito as his stage name, forming a local musical group, Mayito.Son. An article about his music and life in the 24 July 2012 Panama America.

EGI S.A. - Note: information available to private clients.

Eisenmann, Eugene (-1981) - Eugene Eisenmann was a lawyer in New York City (a partner with Proskauer Rose & Paskus) in the 1950s, switching to ornithology in 1957, when he started working at the American Museum of Natural History, becoming an expert on the birds of Central and South America. He was the grandson of David Henry Brandon, the founder of the volunteer fire department in Panama. In his memory, the Fundacion Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann was created to conserve the 1000 species of birds that reside and pass thru Panama each year. The Fundacion created the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center.

Endara Andrade, Carlos (1865-1954) - Carlos Endara Andrade was one of the pioneers of Panamanian photography. Born in Ecuador, in his early 20s, he moved to Panama (in part to find his father, who was working on the canal), where he spent the bulk of the remainder of his life. With Colombian photographer Epifanio Garay, he founded the Garay-Endara photo studio in Panama in 1888. In 1910, he founded a major photography studio in Panama with his brother, Victoriano. The 5 September 2012 edition of La Prensa had an article on an exhibition of his works, Panama in the Eyes of Carlos Endara.

Ender, Érika (1974-) - Érika Ender is a Panamanian singer and composer. 21 September 2012 edition of Panama America had an article about her concert at Atlapa celebrating 20 years of her career in music, during which she has performed with other singers including Gloria Trevi, Ednita Nazario and Ricky Martin. In 2009, she created a charity, Open Doors (Puertas Abiertas), that offers dancing and singing lessons to children of Panama. Her Web site.

Espino, Efraím - Efraím Espino is a Panamanian artist from Las Tablas, who for the last 25 years has lived and worked in Denmark, having been trained in art academies in Mexico, Guatemala and Chile. A brief interview in the 19 July 2013 edition of Ellas about his career and artistic styles.

Espinosa, Jorge - Jorge Espinosa is Manager of the Water Resource Section of the Panama Canal Authority, appointed to the position in July 2005. The Water Resource Section is part of the Department of Environment, Water and Energy headed by Esteban Saenz. From June 1985 to present Espinosa has also been a meteorologist for the Canal. He has a BS in Meteorology from Rutgers Univeristy (1977), an MS in Civil Engineering from Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua (1988), and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the Universidad Tecnologia de Panama (2008).


Filos, Francisco - Francisco Filos was in the Foreign Ministry of Panama in the late 1940s. From mid-1946 to December 1947, Panama and the United States negotiated a treaty that would allow the United States to retain a military presence in Panama after World War II. On 09 December 1947, the Foreign Minister of Panama, Ricardo Alfaro, resigned due to his opposition to the treaty. On 10 December 1947, acting Foreign Minister Filos and U.S. Ambassador Frank Hines signed the Filos-Hines treaty, which extended the presence in Panama of 140 U.S. military bases and defenses which had been used during World War II, allowing the U.S. to set up 13 Canal defense bases. Two weeks later, the National Assembly rejects the treaty.

Fletcher, Anthony - Note: information available to private clients.

Florida State University - Florida State University (located in Tallahassee, capital of Florida) has a branch campus FSU - Panama at the City of Knowledge in Panama, where it offers an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts.

Fonteyn, Dame Margot - Dame Margot Fonteyn, a 20th century prima ballerina, in April 1959, tried to help her husband, Roberto "Tito" Arias, topple the Panamanian government. Arias was the son of a former president of Panama, whose liberal-leaning family opposed the authoritarian rule of the then president, Ernesto de la Guardia. Local fishermen in Panama Bay revealed their plans, and Fonteyn was arrested (her husband fleeing). The British ambassador arranged for her to be kicked out of the country.

Ford, Guillermo "Billy" Ford Boyd (1936-2011) - Guillermo Ford was Vice President of Panama from 1989 to 1994. In the 1989 elections, he was the running mate of Guillermo Endara, elections in which the U.S. government gave the Endara campaign $10 million, elections won by Endara, which where then annulled by the Panamanian government on 10 May 1989. When the U.S. invades Panama on December 1989, they oust Noriega and swear in Endara as President, with Ford appointed Vice President. Ford gained international fame whe a photo of him being bloodily attacked by members of Noriega's paramilitary "Dignity Battalion", who used a spike-tipped metal rod to beat Ford. During the attack, Ford's bodyguard was murdered. On his death, he received a state funeral.

Ford, Jóse - Note: information available to private clients.

Fortune, Armando (1921-1979) - Armando Fortune was the Panamanian professor, economist and historian who pioneered Afro Panamanian studies in Panama - "Without the black race, Panama would not be Panama". His pioneering work, and that of others who followed him, were championed by Claral Richards Thompson and Osman Gomez, who pushed successfully for Law #9 of 30 May 2000, which created the national holiday El Dia de la Etnia Negra. His work reflected two concerns: connecting the past and present of Afro-Panamanians, and civic engagement for justice and equality for Afro-Panamanians.


Gaitán Ayala, Jorge Eliécer (-1948) - Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Ayala was a leader of a populist movement in Colombia, mayor of Bogotá (1936), Education (1940) and Labor Minister (1943-1944), and one of the most charismatic leaders of the Liberal Party in Colombia. He was trained as a lawyer. While campaigning for presidency in 1948 (which he probably would have won), he was assassinated for reasons unknown to today (e.g., at the orders of conservatives, liberal competitors, the USSR, local communists, the CIA, etc.). Some argue that his assassination in 1948 was one of history's ten worst politically disastrous assassinations, since he was killed campaigning for president while trying to change Colombia from an oligarchy into a democracy. Instead, Colombia plunged into ten years of civil war, La Violencia, that claimed the lives of close to 200,000 Colombians. Interestingly, the eventually famous Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez was eating near the murder scene, an event he writes about in great length in his memoirs, "Living to Tell the Tale".

Galindo, Anibal - Note: information available to private clients.

Galindo, Arias & Lopez - Note: information available to private clients.

Galindo, Mario - Note: information available to private clients.

Gallego, Hector (1938-1971) - Hector Gallego was a Catholic priest ordained in Medellin in 1959. Six years later, he was transferred to be a priest in the town of Santa Fe, Veraguas, to serve as a deacon. He made a cause of the poverty of the farmers in the region, upsetting local landowners, who had him arrested in 1970 (through he was released after Church intervention). In 1971, Gallego was kidnapped by military police officers and murdered, three officers of which were convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison. His body has never been found.

Garabaldi, Grettel - Grettel Garabaldi is a singer. In 2012, she was a finalist at the Vina del Mar competition in Chile, representing Panama. She has a web site,

Garcia, Mariel - Mariel Garcia is the director of Panama's Hayah International Short Film Festival, Festival Hayah. An interview in the 26 July 2013 edition of Ellas about the film festival.

Garcia, Sonia 'Pucha' - Sonia Pucha is a Panamanian surfer who competes internationally. In 2012, at the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship in Nicaragua, she placed third in the Masters category.

Garcia de Paredes, Gustavo (1938-) - Since 1994, Garcia de Paredes has been Rector of the University of Panama, being reelected in 2011 for a fifth five-year consecutive term in a close and highly contested election, as some have put it, Fake Rector Sworn in due to complaints about University lands being sold, a less than transparent budget, political patronage, and other irregularities ( see interview with Eduardo Flores, who won the raw vote count to be new Rector, but lost the weighted totals). In 2005, Garcia's management suffered a major blow when a diploma scandal hit the university, which was not investigated by the administration of President Martin Torrijos, for whom Garcia is a close political ally. The university's administration tried to expel Prof. Miguel Bernal for blowing the whistle on the scandal. Prior to that, from 1970 to 1994, Garcia served in a variety of academic and government positions, including Minister of Education from 1978 to 1981, and Ambassador of Panama to Brazil from 1983 to 1988. PhD in History from the University of Madrid in 1963. From 2009 to 2011, he was the president of the Union of Latin American Universities (UDUAL).

Garcia de Paredes, Juan Carlos (1982-) - Juan Carlos Garcia de Paredes is a Panamanian musician who founded the "El Apartamento y EL Sotano" restuarant and music club. The 7 June 2013 edition of Prensa had an interview with Juan Carlos about his musical life.

Garuz, Alejandro - Note: information available to private clients.

Garvey, Marcus (1887-1940) - Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican political leader and staunch proponent of Black nationalism. In the 1910s and 1920s, Garvey was active in Costa Rica and Panama, fighting for the rights of black West Indians working under harsh conditions on banana farms. In 1919, these Indians went on strike in Panama, and in 1920, low-wage black workers on the Canal went on strike, but strikes crushed by the U.S. and Panamanian governments.

Gólcher, Ileana - Ileana Gólcher is a professor. She is the author of the guidebook for academic research and thesis projects, "Manual para la elaboracion de disenos de investigaciones", for which she released the 331-page seventh edition in 2012. Her Web site. A 2011 Prensa opinion article of hers, Ten Habits of the Modern Reader.

González de Sáenz, Gina Gina González de Sáenz is general manager of Banco Delta. The 25 September 2012 edition of Panama America interviewed her with with regards to Banco Delta's microfinance activities.

Gorgas, William Crawford (1854-1920) - William C. Gorgas was an American physician, who served many years in the U.S. Army, and was the 22nd Surgeon General of the United States Army from 1914 to 1918. Within a few years, starting in 1898, he lead an effort that eradicated yellow fever in Cuba. Starting in June 1905, he lead an effort that eradicated yellow fever in Panama City and Colon within a year. He was then promoted to Surgeon General for the U.S. Army, planning to retire to Panama, to him, "the world's garden". He died in 1920, while serving in London, never returning to Panama. However, in his honor, Panamanian President Belisario Porras created the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies in Panama City, which in 1990 became part of Panama's Ministry of Health.

Gotti, Lucho - Lucho Gotti is a Panamanian actor and director who has appeared in many of the Hollywood films set in Panama, such as the 2001 movie "The Tailor of Panama" starring Pierce Brosnan. In an 2 June 2013 article in Panama America, he talks of why filmmakers like using Panama as a setting. He urges more government support for local filmmakers.

Grajales, Rosario Enith (1982-) - Rosario Enith Grajales is a Panamanian-born and trained journalist, now living and working in Las Vegas. The 9 April 2013 edition of Panama America's Siete had an interview with her about her life and work.

Grimaldi, Maria Eugenia (1982-) - Maria Eugenia Grimaldi is manager of corporate communications at Stratego Panama, having earlier worked as a producer at Telemetro, and having studied journalism and international relations at the American University in Washington, D.C. An interview in the 19 July 2013 edition of Prensa about her career and new opportunities for new people in Panama.

Guardia, Gloria - Gloria Guardia (1940-), is a novelist, essayist and journalist. One interest of hers is encouraging more of the youth of Panama to read books, to write stories, to increase the cultural depth of Panama, instead of uploading photos to the Internet.

Guzman, Hector - Hector Guzman, a marine biologist at the Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Investigations, is measuring fish populations off the Panama coast.


Halman, Irvin - Note: information available to private clients.

Handal, Gabriela (1983-) - Gabriela Handal is a Panamanian artist, one genre of her work being the nude body form. The 19 March 2013 edition of Siete had an interview with her about her life and work.

Hardin, K.C - Note: information available to private clients.

Heckadon-Moreno, Stanley (1943-) - Stanley Hechadon-Moreno is a Panamanian writer and anthropologist. The 17 September 2012 edition of Prensa interviewed him about his new book, A Creole from Bocas del Toro - The Story of Carlos Reid. Gradually he is transferring his multi-thousand volume collection of books to the new Library of Boquete.

Heilbron family - The Heilbron's are one of Panama's wealthy family clans. They descend from the Heilbron's of Amsterdam, Azkhenazi Jews that had moved from Germany in the 1600s. In the 1800s, Andrew Heilbron migrated to Barranquilla, Colombia, as the Dutch Consul. Accompanying him was his brother, David (and maybe Andrew's daughter, Helena). David's sons settled around the Americas, including one branch in Panama.

Heilbron, Jorge - Jorge Heilbron has been Vice President and Creative Director of the Panamanian advertising agency Cerebro Y&R since 2005.

Heilbron, Osvaldo (1928-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Heilbron, Pedro (1958-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Heilbron, Pituka Ortega - Pituka Heilbron is a Panama-based filmmaker, including her 2006 movie Fists of a Nation, about the life of Panama's most famous boxing champion, Roberto Duran. Married to Pedro Heilbron.

Henríquez, Cristel - Cristel Henríquez is a Panamanian singer, dancer and model from Herrera province. From 2008 to 2010, she performed on the show "Vive la Musica". The 7 June 2013 edition of Panama America had an interview about her life, career and interests.

Henríquez, Milton - Note: information available to private clients.

Henríquez, Roberto - Note: information available to private clients.

Henríquez Jr., Roberto - Roberto Henriquez Jr., circa 2001, was a division manager for development at Atlas Brewery.

Herrrera, Ana Lucía - Ana Lucía Herrera is a television reporter and producer, with a 20-year-long career in which she has become a leading figure in Panama's media industry. Article about her career in the 24 July 2012 Panama America Siete. She is married to investment banker West Valdes, and has two daughters.

Herrera Arauz, Balbina del Carmen - Note: information available to private clients.

Hooper Polo, Ofelia (1900-1981) - Ofelia Hooper Polo was a writer, educator and sociologist who focused her attention on the conditions of rural Panama. In 1945, she authored "Aspects of rural social life in Panama".


Iglesias, Eric (1982-) - Eric Iglesias is a Panamanian film producer and director, now living in Los Angeles. In 2013, his short film, "Lucy", produced in Los Angeles will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival.


Janson, Carl - In the 1940s, Carl Janson emigrated from Sweden to the Chiriqui highlands. Purchasing land for cattle raising, he was the first person to introduce the Angus cattle breed into Panama. Today, his four sons continue the cattle business, as well as coffee farming, as well as horse breeding. A grandson runs a tourist business that promotes the farm and adventures in the surrounding countryside, Lagunas Adventures.


Kansas City Southern Raiway - In 1998, the Kansas City Southern Railway, along with Mi-Jack Products (and now with Panama Holdings LLC), gained a 50-year concession to rebuild and operate the 76-kilometer Panama Railway. KCSR mostly operates 6000 miles of track stretching for the central U.S. to central Mexico.

Kshamba - La Kshamba - Guerreros de Barrio - is a Panamnian orchestral group specializing in salsa music. In 2013, the group of eleven musicians celebrated their tenth anniversary.


LaRouche, Lyndon (1922-) - Lyndon LaRouche for many years has been, basically, a political extremist in the United States, engaging in a variety of conspiracy theories. In 1988, he was convicted in the United States of mail fraud involving more than $30 million in defaulted loans, and was sentenced to jail for fifteen years, but only served five years of the sentence. Earlier in 1988, a former official in the government of Manuel Noriega accused LaRouche of receiving monies from Noriega's government in return for writing favorable stories about Noriega in LaRouche publications, including a story that denied that Panamanian government forces had murdered Hugo Spadafora.

Leis, Gerardo - Gerardo Leis is a professor of meteorology at the University of Panama who studies the effect of climate change on Panama. 13 March 2012 interview.

Levy, Shoshanna - Until her retirement, Shoshanna Levy was the head of one of the largest and oldest real agencies in Panama, Panama Florida Investments. Upon retirement, she has turned her attentions to cultural activities, and is co-author of two coffee table photo books, "Polleras de Panama (Traditional Skirts of Panama)" and "Casco Viejo". She is also editorial director of Edit-Art book publishers.

Linares, Marta - Marta Linares de Martinelli is the wife of the 36th president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli. The sister of her father, Ana Matilde Linares, was the first wife of four-time president of Panama, Arnulfo Arias Madrid (he later married Mireya Moscoso, who became the first female president of Panama from 1999 to 2004). She is on the board of directors of the Mary Arias Foundation in Panama, which helps children with celebral palsy.

Lince Fábrega, Eduardo (1965-) - Eduardo Lince Fábrega is an author of fantasy novels, his most recent book being "The enigma of the spheres", published in 2012. A 10 July 2012 interview with Lince Fábrega in La Prensa newspaper.

Ling Him, Shey - Shey Ling Him is a Panamanian model, one of the few in the country that has been able to obtain much modeling work in the United States. She was Miss Panama in the Miss World 2007 competition.

Lombardo, Zaira - Zaira Lombardo is owner of "Papiro y Yo" store in Casco Antiguo that only sells products of Panama's artisans. An interview in the 18 June 2013 edition of Martes Financiero on the challenges of opening a store and being an entrepreneur.

López de Tulipano, Ella - Ella López de Tulipano, as of 2012, was president of the National Forum of Women in Political Parties. A 8 July 2012 interview in Panama America about electoral reforms and insuring more women participating in politics.

Lorenzo, Victoriano (1870s-1903) - General Victoriano Lorenzo helped lead a failed attempt by Liberals in Panama province to succeed from the Conservative-led governments of Colombia. After his liberal colleague General Herrera signed a peace treaty with the Conservatives, Lorenzo continued fighting a guerilla war. Lured into an ambush, he was executed in May 1903, six months before Panama declared independence from Panama. Lorenzo, a Ngabe-Bugle Indian, was killed as much for his championing of the rights of the Indians of Panama and other oppressed sectors, and is considered one of the first Latin American guerillas.

Luna, Jaime - Jaime Luna is a fashion designer based in Panama. In 2012, he launched a fashion collection based on the folklore of Panama.


Mallarino, Manuel Maria - In December 1846, the U.S. ambassador in New Granada (today's Colombia and Panama territories), Benjamin Bidlack, signs the Bidlack-Mallarino treaty, with foreign minister Manuel Maria Mallarino, which granted the U.S. unrestricted transit rights across the Panama isthmus, in return for recognizing Colombia's control of Panama. Colombia was motivated to do so, in part, to block British interests in the area. 57 years later, the United States helps Panama secede from Panama. Interestingly, this is the only alliance treaty the U.S. signs in the 1800s.

Mamoni Valley Preserve - The Mamoni Valley Preserve is a 10,000 acre natural reserve just 25 miles east of Panama City, on the southwest border of the Kuna Yala comarca. Web site at: Earth Train, which sponsors the Preserve.

Manzo, Jhonny (1920-2013) - Jhonny Manzo was one of Panama's first entertainment journalists, starting an entertainment news column in La Estrella in the 1960s, "Ronda de America". The 4 July 2013 edition of La Estrella had a brief obituary on his death.

Martinelli de Virzi, Gloria - Note: information available to private clients.

Martinelli, Guido - Note: information available to private clients.

Martinelli Patton, Francisco - Note: information available to private clients.

Martinelli, Ricardo Jr. - Note: information available to private clients.

Martínez Acha, Javier - Javier Martínez Acha is an engineer, lawyer and businessman (owner of the "La Casa del Marisco" restaurant). A member of the PRD party, in 2012 he was a candidate for presidency of the party, critical of the current party leadership. The 28 June 2012 edition of La Estrella had an interview with Martinez and his views of the PRD party. Early on he was a critic of President, in November 2010 calling Martinelli incompetent and authoritarian.

Maytin Justiniani, Angelica - Angelica Maytin is the executive director of Transparency International in Panama. In 2007, the U.S. Embassy in Panama nominated her for the International Women of Courage award for being "Panama's foremost advocate for transparency and good governance". A 14 Feb 2007 embassy cable discussing her dedication over the years to Panama's good governance.

McAuliffe, D.P. (1922-2012) - D.P. McAuliffe was a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general, who upon retiring from the U.S. Army in 1979 was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to be the (last) American administrator of the Panama Canal, overseeing the very complicated job of transferring control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government. In World War II, he was one of the first American soldiers to enter and liberate the Nazi concentration camps.

McKay De Gracia, Dora Isabel (1918-2012) - Dora Isabel McKay De Gracia was a lifelong student and organizer in the world of theater and the arts. Upon her retirement in 1968, she founded the Tia Dora Childrens Theater (Teatro Infantil Tia Dora), which over the years trained thousands of students in the theatrical arts. In 2012, after a long illness, she died, a legend in Panamanian arts.

McSween, Cirilo (1926-2008) - Cirilo McSween was an American civil rights leader and successful businessman born in Colon. McSween had close ties to General Omar Torrijos, so much so that when Torrijos' two sons went to the United States (future president Martin Torrijos, and his brother Omar Jr.), General Torrijos asked McSween to be their tutors while they attended the St. John's Military Academy in Wisconsin. During the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations, General Torrijos appointed McSween as a special ambassador to represent Panama before the U.S. Congress. McSween "adopted" the two brothers upon their father's death in a 1981 plane crash. While in the United States, Martin Torrijos helped manage several McDonald's franchises owned by McSween, as well as some of McSween's banking and insurance interests in the Chicago area.

Medina Bernal, Javier Ignacio (1979-) - Javier Ignacio Medina Bernal is a Panamanian poet and guitar player. Interview about his life's work in the 12 March 2013 edition of Siete.

Méndez, Carlos - Carlos Méndez is an alternative rock musician in Panama. Interview in the 12 March 2013 edition of Siete.

Mendez Pereira, Octavio (1887-1954) - Octavio Mendez Pereira was an educator, historian, diplomat, novelist, most noted for founding and being the first Rector of the University of Panama in 1935 under the administration of President Harmodio Areas Madrid. He remained president of the University until his death in 1954. Born in Aguadulce, Cocle. A 2002 article argues that one of his books, "Nunez de Balboa", published in 1934, was a motivating force in developing Panamanian nationalism. He was one of Panama's leading writers and thinkers of the 20th century, and a critic of an expansionist Monroe Doctrine.

Mendoza, Enrique - Enrique Mendoza is the Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Panama. The 12 July 2013 edition of La Estrella had an interview with Dr. Mendoza about the quality of students and facilities at the medical school.

Menéndez González, Gonzalo - Gonzalo Menéndez González is a Panamanian author, winner of the 2013 Rogelio Sinan Central American literary award for his book, "La tos, la tiza y Tuso". The 30 May 2013 edition of Prensa interviewed the author about his literary works and the revival of arts in Panama.

Miguel, Mónica - Mónica Miguel is a columnist for the Panama America family of newspapers. The 26 March 2013 edition of Siete had an article about her career.

Miranda, Siria - Siria Miranda is news anchor, and chief journalist for TVN Noticias. An interview about her career in the 9 August 2012 Mujer.

Miró Denis, Ricardo (1883-1940) - Ricardo Miró was a Panamanian writer and one of the most important poets of Panama. He was the father of Rodrigo Miró, one of Panama's leading historians. He was the author of a variety of books and poems, and Panama's annual contest in literature is named in his honor.

Miró Grimaldo, Rodrigo (1912-1996) - Rodrigo Miró Grimaldo was one of Panama's leading historians, and the son of Ricardo Miró, one of Panama's leading poets. His work forms the foundation of history of Panamanian literature. From 1949 to 1977, he taught at the University of Panama, and afterwards in his retirement he continued to do research and publish books on Panamanian history. After his death, his books and papers were organized by his wife, Raquel Herrera de Miró, whose sister, Magdalena, had first married Rodrigo's brother Robert.

Miró, Ruben (-1969) - Ruben Miró was a lawyer that some believe assasinated President Remon in 1955, for which he served three years in detention before being acquitted and released in December 1957. In the years that followed, Miró became a vocal critic of the military government led by Omar Torrijos. In 1959, Miró was involved with a a failed attempt by 97 Cubans to infiltrate Panama by landing at Playa Colorada. In 1969, Miró was allegedly murdered by the National Guard, with a National Guard colonel, Armando Contreras charged with his murder in 2008. A January 2012 article in La Estrella, Ruben Miró: 42 years after his assasination.

Molinar, Arcadio - Arcadio Molinar is a Colon-based singer, with a career spanning 4 decades. He is best know for his 1970s hit, "Elisa", recorded with the msical group Suit Genery. In November 2012, he celebrated the 42nd year of his career.

Moltó, Julio (1971-) - Julio Moltó became tenth National Police chief, at the age of 41, succeeding Gustavo Perez. Previously, he was Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, and by training is an informatics engineer. An interview of 1 April 2012 in Panama America.

Moltó, Mercedes - Mercedes Moltó is a Panamanian actress with a successful career primarily outside of Panama, much as an telenovela actress in Mexico, and now with Telemundo in Miami. Article in the 13 August 2013 edition of La Estrella about her career.

Moncayo, Gilberto (1924-) - Gilberto Moncayo is a long-time, noted civil engineer, responsible for the design of many of the country's roadways, including the Panama sectin of the PanAmerican Highway. He has long pushed for use of cement in roadway construction, as opposed to the more quickly deteriorating asphalt. A 12 July 2012 interview with Moncayo in La Estrella newspaper.

Montalván, Emilio Álvarez (1919-2014) - Emilio Álvarez Montalván was a leading Nicaraguan intellectual. In his days, he was a former guerilla and a political prisoner, an ophthalmologist by training, who for the most part refused to be part of any government in Nicaragua. A fighter for democracy all of his life, he authored the noted country analysis: "The Political Culture of Nicaragua".

Montenegro, Chito - Chito Montenegro is a long-time fight of corruption in Panama.

Motta and Heilbron families - Note: information available to private clients.

Moran, Diana (1932-1987) - Diana Moran - Latin American poet, born in Panama, but fled to Mexico in 1968 due to the military coup led by Torrijos.

Moscoso, Mireya (1946-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Motta, Alberto (1916-2006) - Alberto Motta was a member of the Motta business family.

Motta, Alfredo - Alfredo Motta is a businessman and consultant, owner of NALA Consultings, founder and president of City Sightseeing Panama, and a director with Hacienda Hermanos Motta. He is a 1986 graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The 7 April 2013 edition of Prensa had an article he wrote on promoting Panama as a tourist destination while offering good service.

Motta, Antonio - Note: information available to private clients.

Motta, Felipe - Note: information available to private clients.

Motta, Stanley Alberto - Note: information available to private clients.

Grupo Mundial - Board of Directors - Note: information available to private clients.

Muñoz, Cristóbal "Toby" - Cristóbal "Toby" Muñoz is a Panamanian pianist, from a family of pianists well known in Panama. He is known for his piano compositions based on Panmanian folklore popularized in his 40-year musical career. 03 Sep 2012 edition of Panama America has an article on his career.


Navarro, Eduardo (1960-) - Eduardo Navarro is a painter and scupltor who has exhibits around the world, including Mexico, Argentina and Germany. In 2012, he presented his most recent set of works titled "Paper and Metal". The 5 September 2012 edition of La Estrella had a review of a month-long showing of his new works at the Galeria Habitante. His brother is Juan Carlos Navarro, who is currently head of the PRD political party, and his cousin is Samuel Lewis Navarro, another long-time PRD politician. Eduardo is a 1981 graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and a 1985 MNDA from Dartmouth College.

Navarro, Manuela - Manuela Navarro is the prima ballerina of the National Ballet of Panama. An article in the 4 February 2013 Prensa about Navarro dancing with the Cuban National Ballet for one year.

Nele Kantule, Iguaibilikinya (1868-1944) - Iguaibilikinya Nele Kantule was a famous chief of the Kuna/Tule Indians of Panama. In February 1925, in response to attempts by the Panama government to suppress their traditional customs, he led a revolt, the Tule Revolution, of the Kuna peoples against the government of Panama, with the help of U.S. diplomat Richard Marsh. While the revolt failed, the government granted autonomy to the Kuna, which they still maintain.

Noli, Luz Maria - Luz Maria Noli is a long-time Panamanian journalist and television producer, for 23 years from 1990 onwards, she produced the program "Dialogo" for TVN (which has become part of her new show, "Radar") where she is now assistant director of news. The 2 June 2013 edition of Prensa interviewed her about politics and journalism. At the end of a series of questions about what characteristics of former Presidents that people should imitate, one question was "Y usted, que quisiera imitarle a Martinelli?" Her answer - "Absolutamenta nada".


Odebrecht - Note: information available to private clients.

Oliver, Jack (mid 1800s) - Jack Oliver was an American travelling through Panama on the way to California to join the gold rush. While in the port of Colon, Oliver refused to pay Joseph Manuel Luna for a slice of watermelon that Oliver had eaten. During the resulting argument, Oliver pulled a gun on Luna, who in turned pulled out a knife. A Peruvian, Miguel Habraham, took the side of Luna, as Oliver gathered support of other Americans. After Habraham crashed into Oliver, Oliver's gun went off, though without the bullet hitting anyone. This turned a minor squabble into a riot between the then Colombians and Americans. When security forces finally stopped the riot, 17 were dead and 30 wounded. Outraged, the U.S. government demanded transfer of lands, the isthmus railway concession, compensation for damages and a ten mile strip of land on either side of the railway. The Colombian governor basically told the Americans to get lost, and negotiated the settlement for refusal of payment for a slice of watermelon down to $412,394 in gold. The 15 April 2013 edition of La Estrella had an article on this historic incident.

Ortega, Pituka (1960-) - Pituka Ortega is a Panamanian filmmaker. The 9 April 2013 edition of Panama America's Siete had an interview with her about her life and work.

Ortega Santizo, Ignacio "Cancer" - (1950-2007) - Ignacio "Cancer" Ortega Santizo was a composer, singer, painter, poet and writer, a nationalist who used his art to fight for the people and against U.S. imperialism. He was the leader of the music group "Tropic of Cancer". The 19 August 2012 edition of Critica has a tribute article written by a friend, Jose Morales Vasquez.

Ortega, Myrna - Myrna Ortega is a television reporter and announcer, having worked at UniVision, then Panama's TVN, and now at NEXtv, a new television owned in part by President Martinelli. The 2 April 2013 edition of Siete interviews her about her career and new role at NEXtv,

Ortiz, Carla - Carla Ortiz is one of the founders of the Turtle Guides Foundation (Fundacion Tortuguias), which was established in 2010 to help protect Panama's turtles. The 2 May 2013 edition of Panama America's Mujer has an interview with her.


Palomino, Carlos Alberto (1941-2013) - Carlos Alberto Palomino is an acclaimed Panamanian artist and sculptor, one series of paintings depicting the life of Jesus, "The Way of the Cross - El Viacrucis". Article about a celebration in honor of his life's work in the 31 March 2013 edition of Panama America. On April 10th, he died of natural causes.

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Pardini, Juan Francisco - Note: information available to private clients.

Pasek, Justine (1979-) - Justine Pase, a Panamanian model, was Miss Panama in 2001, and Miss Universe in 2002. She helped establish the first HIV/AIDS prevention center in Panama. Born in Poland, she now lives in Los Angeles.

Paz Solanill, Victor Nicolás (1922-) - Victor Nicolás Paz Solanill, also known as Vitín Paz, is one of the great trumpet players of Latin America. From the 1950s to the 1980s, he travelled the world, performing with the greats of jazz and on Broadway. In 1990, he returned to Panama to continue his music. Article in the 28 Aug 2012 El Siglo on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

Peralta, Karen - Karen Peralta is a television actress, appearing on the TVN Channel 2 show "Made in Panama - Hecho en Panama" for some years around 2013, in which she portrays the ingenuity of rural women thru the character role of Martina Liboria.

Pérez Archibald, Juan - Juan Perez Archibold is a Panamanian sociologist who is a member of the Kuna Yala peoples. He is the author of the book "Ner Buna - Spirit of Cocoa", about the role of cocoa in the spiritual life of the Kuna, which is being interpreted musically by a Kuna women's group, the Mujeres Emprenededoras Kunas, at musical forums throughout Central America.

Perez Meana, Andrea - Andrea Perez Meana is a news announcer for TVN Canal 2. The 9 April 2013 edition of El Siglo had an article about her busy career.

Perez, Danilo (1965-) - Danilo Perez is a Panamanian pianist and composer, specializing in jazz. He is one of the organizers of the Panama Jazz Festival. Currently, he lives in Boston, where he is the artistic director of the Berkelee College of Music Global Jazz Institute. In 2012, the United Nations named him UN Artist for Peace for his work promoting music to children of poverty in Panama.

Perez de Zarate, Dora (1912-2001) - Dora Perez de Zarate was a poet, essayist, educator and a guardian of the folklore of Panama. The National Library of Panama had a one-day symposium in her honor on the 100th anniversary of her birth.

Pierpont, Source - Source Pierpont, in 2013, was president of the Colon Free Zone Users Assocation. The 15 July 2013 edition of La Estrella had an interview with Pierpont about the Zone's financial difficulties due to problems in Venezuela, and how to better help the city of Colon.

Pigozzi, Jean - (1952-) Note: information available to private clients.

Pinzón, Massiel - Massiel Pinzón is the leader of the Panamanian rock group, the Lolas. An interview about her musical career in the 2 August 2012 edition of Mujer.

Pinzón, Radames (1975-) - Radames Pinzón is a self-taught Panamanian painter. An article in the 11 September 2012 La Prensa on Pinzon's style and new work presented to home city of Cocle. Article reviewing his fusion of Panamanian culture in his works.

Polk, James K. - The 11th president of the United States, on 2 December 1845, James Polk announces to Congress that the United States will strictly enforce the principles of the Monroe Doctrine, which President James Monroe had introduced in his State of the Union Address in December 1823, a doctrine that pretty much told Europe to not intervene in the Americas.

Portugal, Heliodoro - Heliodoro Portugal was an activist iand union leader who was kidnapped during the military dictatorship, in Panama City on 14 May 1970, and presumably murdered. In September 1999, remains of a person were found in a police barracks, and DNA testing confirmed they belonged to Heliodoro Portugal. In August 2008, the InterAmerican Court of Human Right ruled in favor of Portugal's family, and ordered the government to pay the family compensation, and to prosecute those responsible for his death. In 2010, eight former military men went on trial in Panama for his disapperance and death. An article by noted lawyer Miguel Antonio Bernal on the Heliodorio Portugal case and impunity.

Portugal, Patria (1965-) - Patria Portual is a daughter of murdered union leader Heliodorio Portugal. In 2011, she became Public Ombudsman of Panama in the Martinelli administration. In 2013, contracting irregularities in her office A HREF="">prompted multiple investigations, and calls for her resignation. A brief story of her life. An interview in the 17 July 2013 edition of La Estrella, in which she denies doing anything wrong. On 25 July 2013, Portugal was removed from her office by the National Assembly, and accused of embezzlement.

Poveda, Juan Ramon (1967-) - Juan Roman Poveda is a Panamanian-born and trained plastic surgeon, who for the last 25 years, has had a very successful career in San Jose, Costa Rica, performing surgery for the country's Instituto Nacional de Seguros.

PRD (Revolutionary Democratic Party) - Note: information available to private clients.

Prestan, Pedro - In 1885, Panamaian Liberal politician and lawyer Pedro Prestan is hanged by local authorities in Colon (which had been mostly burned to the ground by rebels under Prestan's leadership, see Burning of Colon), after leading a failed revolt against Conservative president Rafael Nunez in Bogota, who with the help of the Catholic Church, was pushing for centralization of the governmenti via constitutional amendment. The revolt is crushed with the help of the U.S. military, which had earlier intercepted a shipment of weapons to Prestan's command.

Pretelt, Maria Luisa - Maria Luisa Pretelt is a model and actress raised in Chiriqui. She presently lives in Miami for career opportunities. In 2013, she ran in the ING marathon in Miami to raise money to fight cancer.

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Quijano, Jorge - Jorge Quijano became the fourth Administrator of the Panama Canal in September 2011. An interview on the day he is sworn in in the 9 September 2012 edition of La Estrella.

Quinn, Bruce (1936-) - Bruce Quinn is an icon of the Panamanian musical theater scene, having spent the last 64 years in Panama directing and producing musicals and plays. As well he been an instructor of drama at the Panama Canal University and the National University of Panama. A June 2012 article about his life in La Estrella. Across the 20th century, a number of his relatives have worked on the Panama Canal, himself born in the Canal Zone, and a long-time resident of Casco Viejo. He is a graduate of the University of Miami, with a degree in Arts and History. In August 2011, a celebration of his career was held at the Canal Museum in Casco Viejo.

Quintero, Jhafis (1973-) - Jhafis Quinero is a Pananamian artist from La Chorrera, who now works and lives in Italy. In 2013, he presented a video exhibit, "Knockout", at the Vienna Biennial art show, though lamented the lack of support from the Panamanian government to participate at the show.

Quirós, Eduardo Antonio () - Note: information available to private clients.

Quirós, Irma (1970-) - Irma Quiros is a Panamanian-born singer and artist. A video of one of her songs, No me puedes pedir. A June 2012 inteview in Panama America.


Remón Cantera, José Antonio (1908-1955) - José Antonio Remón Cantera was Chief of the National Police from 1947 (having joined in 1931). In 1949, he led a coup against President Daniel Chanis Pinzon. According to Pinzon's Wikiepedia entry, Remón led the coup against Chanis because of "Chanis's refusal to overturn a Panama Supreme Court decision invalidating a contract between an abbatoir that was 'part of Remón's business empire' and several powerful Panamanian families". Remon replaced Pinzon with Arnulfo Arias. In October 1952, Remon became the 19th President of Panama, during which he passed Law 44 of 28 December 1953, which modernized the National Police. On 2 January 1955, he was politically assasinated by machine-gun fire at the Panama City Hipodromo racetrack. No one was ever convicted of his murder - Panamanians tend to believe it was lawyer Ruben Miró, acting on behalf of Vice-President Jose Ramon Guizado (who became the next President), while the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency believed that "Remón might have been killed on the orders of Lucky Luciano over a dispute involving a shipment of heroin, which Remón allegedly stole/seized from Luciano's organization."

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Ricardo Batista, Danny - Danny Ricardo is a Panamanian singer and composer, mostly in the genre of latino pop, whose career is more international than national. The 18 June 2013 edition of Siete interviews him, including his comments on how doors are often closed to local musicians but the 'rosca' (ruling clique) that runs the local artistic business, a problem he finds lesser so outside of Panama.

Rodriguez, Justin (1920-) - Justin Rodriguez is a noted Panamanian artist born in 1920 in Bocas del Toro, spending much of his life and career in Colon.

Rodríguez Perea, Victor Roberto (1951-) - Victor Roberto Rodríguez Perea is a long-time social artist in the Curundu and Perejil, painting social commentary on walls throughout those parts of the city. Article in the 19 August 2012 La Estrella about his life and his work.

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Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919) - Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, from 1901 to 1909. He was one of the youngest presidents, and a winner of the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize. In 1903, American interests in Panama wanted to build the Panama Canal, but were not receiving much cooperation from the Colombian government (Panama was still a province of Colombia in 1903). These American interests, lead by Philippe Bunau-Varilla and James Cromwell, encouraged a separatist movement in Panama. In the fall of 1903, when the Colombian government sent troops to Panama City to prevent the uprising, President Roosevelt ordered American troops to intervene, who blocked the Colombian troops who then returned to Colombia. The Panamanians' new government appointed Bunau-Varilla as their U.S. representative to Washington, who quickly cut a deal with the U.S. government to give them complete control of the Canal Zone.

Rosina, Josefa "Fita" - Josefa Rosina was the first female bacteriologist in Panama, having studied at Michigan State University, after which she returned to Panama to work at the Gorgas Institute. In her retirement, she has founded an old age home for the Azuero region in Chitre. An interview in the 18 July 2013 edition of Mujer about her life and current interests.

Royo, Aristides - Aristides Royo was president of Panama from 1978 to 1982, when he was pressured by the military (who had effectively made him president) to resign. Prior to being president, from 1973 to 1978, he was the Minister of Education. Later he was the Panamanian ambassador to Spain (1994 to 1996), (1998 to 1999) and the OAS (2004 to 2009). A lawyer by training, a member of the PRD party, in 2013 he became a Director of the University for Peace in Panama. The 2 June 2013 edition of Panama America had an interview with him in which he argued for Panama's continuing neutrality in global political affairs.

Runnels, Randolph "Ran" (????-1877) - Ran Runnels was supposedly a Texas Ranger who emigrated to Panama in the 1850s, using a cover as operator of a mule transport business to serve as "enforcer" for the Panama Railroad, suppressing labor unrest and organizing a few mass hangings at the behest of Colombian, American and British authorities. His security tactics during the anti-American riots during the 1855 Watermelon Slice incident led to the US Marines invading Panama, after which Runnels disappears, eventually turning up as American consul in Nicaragua, dying there 1877. Panama Railroads has an account of his time in Panama. Robert Apold's account of Ran Runnels - the hangman of Panama. After Panama, some argue that Runnels was hired Cornelius Vanderbilt to help fight an American, William Walker, who tried to overthrow the government of Nicaragua (he failed). In 2012, Panamanian author Andres Villa published a book, Runnels, the Hangman of the Yankee Strip.


Salazar, Diana - Diana Salazar was vice minister of International Trade under the Martinelli administration. She led a government team that implemented the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

Salazar Allen, Noris - Noris Salazar was a professor in the Botany department at the University of Panama for 30 years, specializing in the study of mosses. Currently she does research for the Smithsonian Institute. The 5 July 2013 edition of Ellas had an interview about her life in science.

Samudio, Alexandra - Alexandra Samudio works in Panamanian television, currently the producer of the Fusionarte weekly cultural show on SerTV. The 6 June 2013 edition of Mujer had an interview with her about her motivations and experiences.

Samudio, Solieh (1990-) - Solieh Samudio is the lead ballet dancer of the Naiontal Ballet of Panama, having started his career in 2006. He has danced in performances around the world, including in Guatemala, Peru and Russia. An article about his ballet career in the 22 July 2013 edition of La Estrella.

Sánchez, Crescencia (1913-) - Crescencia Sánchez, better known as "Mama Chencha", is a long-time proponent of Panamanian folklore. Now retired due to health reasons, but continues help more people learn about Panamanian culture. 08 December 2012 article in Panama America.

Sánchez, Rodrigo "Lilo" - Lilo Sánchez is a Panamanian musician also known as "Dr. Loop". Interview in the 5 Feb 2013 edition of Panama America's Siete on about his life and career around the world.

Sánchez, Rodrigo Colón - Rodrigo Colón Sánchez, also known as Lilo Sánchez, is lead vocalist for the Panamanian rock group Señor Loop, formed in 2000. The 17 September 2012 La Estrella interviewed Sánchez about the musical scene in Panama, and his philosophy towards music. Other members of the group are: Iñaki Iriberri, Carlos Sánchez, José Sáchez and Carlos Ucar.

Sandoval, Samid - Samid Sandoval is a Panamanian poet and writer from Veraguas, who is concerned about the lack of attention given to Panama's non-European historic indigenous leaders, who led the native Indians in attempts to resist being robbed of their wealth. In 2013, Sandoval had published a book comprising an epic poem of one such Indian leader, Urraca, a chief in Veraguas during the Spanish conquest of Panama. The epic poem, "Heroics of the Great Urraca", has received awards in Latin America and Spain. The 16 June 2013 edition of Prensa had an article about his new books.

Serrano Elías, Jorge Antonio - Jorge Serrano Elías was president of Guatemala from January 1991 to 31 May 1993. On 25 May 1993, he illegally suspended the constitution, dissolved Congress and the Supreme Court, imposed censorship and tried to restrict civil freedoms, allegedly to fight corruption. He was opposed by most of the country, and resigned as president on June 1st, fleeing the country. He now lives in Panama, successfully fighting attempts by the Guatemalan government to have him extradited on charges of corruption.

Seward, William Henry (1801-1872) - William Henry Seward was U.S. Secretary of State from 1860 to 1869, the first four years serving under President Abraham Lincoln. Best known for purchasing the state of Alaska for $7.2 million from the Russians in 1867, he also laid the groundwork for the construction of the Panama Canal decades later as part of his view of American expansion. The night that President Lincoln was assassinated, co-conspirators also tried to kill Seward.

Shcks, Erick Bairnals - Erick Bairnals Shcks was a technical officer of the Panama Maritime Authority stationed in the Philipines in 2012. He was accused of raping a 19 year-old Filipino women on 23 April 2012, and under the controversial protection of diplomatic immunity, left the Philipines on 11 May 2012.

Sinan, Rogelio (1902-1994) - Rogelio Sinan (born Bernardo Dominquez Alba on the island of Taboga) is one of Panama's leading literary figures - the author of poetry, plays and novels, though noted for his short stories. Beyond his literary career, and educational career (having taught drama at the University of Panama), Sinan also served the government as an ambassador of Panama to India and Mexico. His birthday, April 25th, is the Day of the Writers national holiday in in Panama. On this day, the Technology University of Panama awards a literary prize in his name. In 1986, the Revista IberoAmericana published an interview with Sinan.

Sinclair, Olga - Olga Sinclair is a Panamanian painter and sculptor, who through her Olga Sinclair Foundation is bring the world art to Panamanian youth. An interview in the 4 Feb 2013 La Estrella about lack of artistic opportunities for the young in Panama.

Smart, Stephen (-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Spadafora, Alida - Alida Spadafora is executive director of ANCON (National Association for Conservation of Nature), a non-profit environmental group with a staff of 35 that promotes conservation projects in Panama. She has led ANCON since 2007, earlier from 2001 to 2007 being an environment officer for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In a June 2012 interview in Panama America, she expressed outrage about a recent Supreme Court decision to strip Panama Bay mangrove wetlands of most of their protection, suspicious that the decision was made so quickly while many environmental protection petitions have been waiting for court action for years. In 1985, her brother, Hugo Spadafora, a doctor turned guerilla against the military dictatorship of Manuel Noriega, was captured by government forces and killed/beheaded.

Spadafora, Hugo (1940-1985) - Hugo Spadafora was a doctor turned guerilla who fought in Africa and then against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. In 1985, he was captured by forces of Manuel Noriega, torotured and killed by slow decapitation, with his decapitated body found at the Panama/Costa Rica border in September 1985. His family has created a Web site in his honor.

Spadafora, Winston (-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Suarez, Federico - Note: information available to private clients.

Suarez Sogo, Ricardo - Note: information available to private clients.


Tabares, Rossana - Rossana Tabares is owner of most famous spas in Panama, Le Corp Spa. The 20 September 2012 edition of Mujer, had interview with Tabares.

Tapia, Rose Marie - Rose Marie Tapia is fiction novelist. In 2012, she published her 16th novel, "Los misterios del olvido - The mysteries of oblivion", a novel of suspense, mystery and love.

Tarté, Martín (1979-) - Martín Tarté is a Panamaian author with three books published, and more coming. An interview in the 11 June 2013 edition of Siete about his literaty life, with his first book published five years ago in Spain.

Thalassinos, Pablo Antonio (1945-) - Pablo Antonio Thalassinos is the Permanent Representative of Panama to the United Nations, appointed to the position in 2009. A doctor of psychology, he was, for a time, head of psychology at the Psychiatric Hospital of Panama, and director of the School of Psychology at the University of Panama. He also served for awhile as Director General of the Colon Free Trade Zone, and as Minister of Education. One of his daughters, Maria Antonieta, is married to Francisco Martinelli, cousin of the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli.

Troncoso Benjamin, Roberto - (1951-) - Roberto Troncoso Benjamin is a Panamanian lawyer, with a law firm Troncoso & Associates. Since 1996 he has been the Honorary Consul for Peru in Panama. In 2012, he was elected for year to be president of APEDE, the Panamanian Association of Business Executives.

Tuñón, Gisela - Gisela Tuñón is television journalist with TVN. After an absence of 13 years to raise a family, she returned to TVN to announce the mid-day news.

Turner, Anayansi - Anayansi Turner, starting in 1986, is a law professor at the University of Panama, director of the school's Legal Research Center, and was associate Dean of the university from 2000 to 2003. After leading a campaign, the university created an Ombudsman's Office in 2012, and Turner was chosen to be the first Ombudsman for the university. She is the wife of Vincente Archibold, who until the summer of 2013, was Director of Legal Services at the unviersity, until a conflict between Archibold, and university head Gustavo Garcia de Paredes. Shortly thereafter, Garcia de Paredes had Turner suspended as Ombudsman, while investigating her for "irregularities". In an interview in the 21 July 2013 edition of Panama America, Turner accuses Garcia de Paredes of taking revenge on her, for her efforts to have the Ombudsman's Office seriously investigate problems in the university administration.



Vallarino family of Los Santos - Note: information available to private clients.

Valdéz, Horacio - Horacio Valdéz is a Panamanian singer-songwriter, with a 20 year career, with a variety of hits in the 1990s. In 2012, he celebrated his career with a Rock & Pop Live concert at Hard Rock Cafe.

Van Steck, Gaston (-1937) - Gaston Van Steck was a Belgian in Panama, con-artist with a gold mine scam. He claimed to have found a hidden mine with over $20 million gold bars stamped with the steal of the King of Spain. Upon inspection, the mine proved to have no gold, and either Van Steck shot himself, or was shot by angry Panamanian.

Varela Ramsauer, Linnette - Linnette Varela Ramsauer is on the board of directors of Varela Hermanos S.A., the family-run alcoholic beverages business.

Varela, Jose Luis - Note: information available to private clients.

Varela, Juan Antonio - Note: information available to private clients.

Varela Jr., Luis J. - Note: information available to private clients.

Varela Rodriguez, Juan Carlos (1963-) - Note: information available to private clients.

Vargas, Dalia - Dalia Vargas is a forestry engineer, and currently acting director of the Watersheds department, at the Environmental Ministry (ANAM). Prior to working at ANAM, from 2000 to 2005, she was an environmental auditor with the Controller General's Office of Panama. She has a Masters in Environmental Sciences. In 2008, she contributed to the development of the Sustainable Forest Model for restoring watersheds and protected areas. The 22 April 2012 edition of La Estrella has an interview with her about the problems of regulating timber harvesting without a survey of tree populations in Panama.

Vélez, Humberto - Humberto Vélez is a Panamanian contemporary artist, recognized globally for his works of performance art, for example, organizing a beauty contest for llamas and alpacas in Ecuador in 2009. An article on his career and works in the 08 July 2012 edition of La Estrella, as well as an article The Esthetics of Collaboration of Humberto Velez.

Velásquez, Ricardo - Ricardo Velásquez is an internationall recognized Panamanian opera singer. In August 2012, he help sponsor the first international opera contest held in Panama - the RIVELAS Panama Opera Competition, with $40,000 in prizes. He currently works and sings in Washington, but his dream is to create a National Opera in Panama.

Velez Loor, Jesus - Jesus Velez Loor, a citizen of Ecuador, was detained and tortured in Panama in 2002. In 2012, after a ruling of the Inter-American Human Rights Court, Velez received $27,500 in compensation from the government of Panama.

Vélez, William - Note: information available to private clients.

Vergara Batista, Victorio (1944-1998) - Victorio Vergara Batista was a popular musician specializing in the use of the accordion. Died of a stroke in 1998.

Villa, Andreés - Andrés Villa is Panamanian author. In 2012, Villa published a book, Runnels, the Hangman of the Yankee Strip, about a notorious American in the 1950s who was the "enforcer" for the Panama Railroad.

Villa-Real Alonso, Ingrid (1972-) - Ingrid Villa-Real Alonso is a graphics designer and actress. Interview in the 18 September 2012 edition of Siete. Part of the team of The Last Hora on the TVN television channel.

Virzi, Felipe - Note: information available to private clients.

Virzi Jimenez, David - Note: information available to private clients.

Visuetti, Federico - Federico Visuetti is a Panamanian fashion designer.

Von Humboldt, Alexander - In 1811, German naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt writes a book, Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain (available online from, in which he is one of the first writers to speculate about building a canal across Panama (proposing three different routes).


Waked, Abdul - Note: information available to private clients.

Wald, Rita (1960-1977) - Rita Wald was a 17-year-old leader of an anti-government student group, Solidaridad Estudiantil Democratica, in 1977, when she disappeared on 27 March 1977, presumably killed by agents of the ruling military dictatorship. Wald's group was also opposed to the Torrijos-Carter canal treaty. Wald, born in David, was a popular speaker and host of a student radio show. In 2012, her family filed a request to reopen an investigation into her disappearance, which was initially dismissed 13 days into the administration of former PRD president Ernesto Perez Balladares. The InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights decided that the government was responsible for her disappearance. In November of 2012, her family and the government agreed to settle the case with a payment of $681,000 to her family.

Winner, Don - Don Winner is the publisher of the popular Panama Guide English-language news service, started in 2004. Don moved to Panama in 1987 as part of his duties with the U.S. Air Force, and stayed after he retired. Not afraid to tell you what he thinks.

Wolf, Mara - As of 2012, Mara Wolf is manager of corporate responsibility with Deloitte Panama. The 02 October 2012 edition of Martes Financiero has an interview with Mara about corporations and the environment.



Yin Carrizo, Dagoberto (1939-) - Dagoberto Yin Carrizo is a noted Panamanian musician, specializing in accordian music for over 50 years. One of his most famous songs, "Lucy", was written in honor of his daughter. A 28 June 2012 interview in El Siglo.


Zúñiga Guardia, Carlos Iván (1926-2008) - Carlos Iván Zúñiga Guardia was a writer, journalist, lawyer and politican - from 1991 to 1994 being the Rector of the University of Panama, the son of educators in Penonome. For many years, he was active in liberal politics, forced into exile from 1969 to 1976 in Chile. He was one of the founders of the Civics Crusade in 1987 that opposed the military dictatorship of Noriega. In 2002, he was chosen to be president of the Anticorruption Commission.

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